Claudia's Recommended Reads

Published on 28 February 2024


Claudia from Port Fairy Library has shared some of her favourite reads for March! All available to borrow at our libraries.

Barbara Kingsolver - Demon Copperhead
Fiction/Coming of age

Kingsolver’s writing propelled me through the pages, her storytelling has such vitality. The story of young Demon is one of struggle like David Copperfield’s, but infused with hope even at the hardest points. The deep observations about social services in America failing children in foster care and the hardships they must go through are eye opening.

Claire Keegan - Small Things Like These
Historical fiction/Irish Literature

A short novel that felt expansive because of the subtle shades in the inner lives of its characters. A small town in Ireland is controlled by the Church and a father reckons with the past.

Penny Craswell - Reclaimed: New Homes from Old Material

Great architectural design using recycled materials. A book that you can open on any page at any time for inspiration and relaxation.

Tyson Yunkaporta - Right Story, Wrong Story: Adventures in Indigenous Thinking
Non-fiction/Indigenous Peoples

Yunkaporta ‘s arguments explore various points of view with a variety of guest scholars. He’s engaging, funny and very academic. I’m finding the “look up” feature of the E-book so very helpful to brush up on my philosophers! 

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